Keep up with your work using the dashboard

The dashboard gives you an overview of all meetings, topics, surveys and tasks accordingly.

Let's start by visiting the dashboard UI (User Interface).

Click on the “Dashboard“ navigation button to see the dashboard UI.


i By logging in, you automatically access the dashboard interface.


Next, we will take a closer look at the dashboard and its components.


  • The red rectangle shows you an expanded component, e.g. upcoming meetings.

  • The green rectangle shows you further expandable components that are currently collapsed.

  • The blue rectangle shows you a graph with a summary of all the meetings you have in the current week, last week and an average of all meetings.

  • The yellow rectangle shows you a graph of all tasks according to their current status (to do, in progress, done, waiting).


i The red circle with a number indicates the total number of elements in the components.

1. Upcoming Meetings

In the "Upcoming meetings" component, you have an overview of all your meetings (series and single) displayed as cards.

To view more details about a meeting, click on the meeting (card / rectangle) you want to know more about.


2. Topics and Surveys

Topics and surveys are displayed in table format.

To view all details, you can click on the element you want to know more about in the table. You will be directed to the meeting which contains the selected element.


3. Tasks

Tasks are also displayed in table format, where you can select one to see more details in the meeting that contains the selected item.


i If the task in the table is overdue and has not been completed, the date color will switch to red.

4. Meetings Graph

The meetings graph shows you all meetings for the current week, last week and the total weekly average.

You can, by clicking on the label, remove the line on the graph from the clicked label to simplify the view.


5. Tasks Graph

The task graph shows you all active tasks assigned to you, divided according to their current status.

If a task is completed and the due date is reached, it will be removed from the chart.

As with the meeting chart, you can also remove slices by clicking on a label to display only certain statuses.