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Optimize your meetings to the max.

Become super efficient with GoodMeeting! Plan all your meetings, tasks, topics, decisions... all in one. Always stay up-to-date. Never forget important topics. Execute a meeting from A-Z and participate in your co-workers’ meetings with GoodMeeting.

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About GoodMeeting

GoodMeeting is a meeting tool developed by WebGate. The application is suitable for all companies and organizations that hold meetings. If you have meetings on a regular basis and encounter the problem that little or nothing is documented, then GoodMeeting is the perfect solution for this. 

The intuitive design of the application allows users for an easy, organised and sustainable execution of meetings. Additionally, you can easily manage notes, documents and tasks for all participants and yourself.

Excellent meeting execution

With GoodMeeting you always stay up-to-date with updates of each meeting.
The tool helps you prepare and organize your meetings, using an easy workflow for a smooth performance. GoodMeeting lets users manage the before, during, and after of meetings to guarantee successful execution.


One tool, many possibilities

Topics: Specify and assign the topics to be discussed in advance to leave time for the participants to prepare.
Presentation: Present and discuss your topics with your co-workers using the built-in presentation mode.
Report: Write a protocol and take notes directly in the application for them to be available to download as a PDF after the meeting.
Tasks: Create, prioritize, assign, and follow up on tasks that arise.
Decisions: Generate surveys to poll the participants and have them vote on important decisions.

GoodMeeting is all you need.

Never lose anything

All meeting are retraceable. All your past meetings will automatically be archived, and are always accessible to you. Finding your last report could not be easier as you have a clear overview of your report history. The days of losing reports or shared files are finally over.


Efficiency is key

The actual meeting is just one part of a process - let's not forget about the time and energy that usually go into preparing and following up on a meeting. GoodMeeting takes care for all of this, simplifying your work, making meetings more efficient.


Always up-to-date

-> Review all related documents and reports on any device (not smart watches) 

-> Always up-to-date on the current status 

-> Scale up easily, to include more people as needed and let them know instantly


Collaborate quickly and easily

-> Reports are automatically updated and made available

-> Discuss topics with the built-in presentation mode

-> Upload and share files with participants


Improve and confirm accountability

-> Store and review reports and the results of decisions

-> Access summaries of past meetings

-> Assign tasks and share notes